The Zodiac Sign Taurus is represented by The Hierophant Tarot Card. Just like a Taurus, the profile of “The Hierophant” is someone who likes quality & comfort versus crazy dirty messy exciting adventures. They are all about the quality of the material, product, item, friendship, relationship instead of the “quantity” of friends, lovers, items that they own. You will most likely see them travelling in comfort (the more luxurious, the better if they have the choice) and will try their best to avoid adventurous backpacker style kind of travels.

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The only thing in life that is constant is CHANGE.

Unfortunately, Taurus ♉ will never understand or accept this fact of life. Taurus people make very good friends, co-workers (only if you’re in the same level as them) & fantastic spouses/parents as they are born to be marriage/parent material.

But during the stubborn moments, you really want to give them a tight slap and strangle them to death. 

Yes, most of the time they are people who have good intentions but during critical moments of crisis, I’ve seen many Taurus people going CRAZY and negatively affecting the people around them.

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