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Hello! I am Sarah May Low and I am known in the media as Malaysia’s No.1 Tarot Reader & Modern Western Astrologer. I’ve been featured on YAHOO! News, Hitz.FM, Fly.FM, Lite.FM, The Sun Newspaper, Juice, Hype.my, Her World Singapore, Manilla Bulletin (Phillipines), CLEO Singapore, CLEO Malaysia, FEMALE magazine, FirstClasse, Clozette and many other platforms. I was endorsed by Snapchat in 2020 as an expert in Western Astrology. 

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What I Do

To me, life is an adventurous journey! As a curious soul, I have spent my life learning many skills and earning plenty of academic degrees along the way. I am what people call, a Jane of ALL trades and Master of Dance, Communication, Tarot and Astrology. 

I Lecture.

I am Malaysia’s No.1 Tarot and Astrology Guru. I am also professionally & academically qualified to lecture in the field of Social Media, Marketing, Advertising, Human Communications, Performing Arts, Dance, Gender and Sexuality

I Speak.

One of my greatest passions is to create awareness on Tarot, Astrology and also on my PhD research on Love, Relationships and Interpersonal Communication. I love speaking to the Media and at empowerment Events. Contact me down below.

I Write.

I obtained my first degree in Journalism and have written many blog articles on lifestyle, food and travel topics. In the past few years, I have collaborated with media platforms such as FEMALE magazine, CLEO Singapore, Clozette.co, Hype.my and Murai.my on Astrological forecast articles. 

Need Life Guidance?

I use Tarot and Astrology as a tool to Life Coach my clients and helped them in areas of personal, relationship and career development. I have done over 6000 readings for clients all around the world and my clientelle list includes celebrities, supermodels, Miss Malaysia beauty pageant winners, ministers and multi-millionaire business owners.

My e-Books & Courses

My first book will be launched in 2021. ENROL in my Tarot Masterclass, LEARN how to create a new stream of income and SUCCESSFUL Tarot business.

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