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My Past Media Interviews, Collaboration & Endorsements.

Hitz.FM Interview

Arnold Gets His Cards Read | HMC 50 First Dates
It’s time to let tarot card reader Sarah May Low tell us what’s in the cards for Arnold’s love life! What does the future hold for Arnold on his 50 First Dates? #HMC50FirstDates

Fly.FM Interview

Tarot Card Reading 🔮 | #FlyAMMayhem | Fly FM
To up their game this Valentine’s Day, we brought in Tarot Card Reader Sarah May Low to read Hafiz, Guibo & RD’s love fortune in 2020!

The Lite Breakfast Interview

#TheLITEBreakfast: Sarah May Low – The Different Path

Ever wondered what tarot card reading is all about?

The Sun Newspaper Interview

Understanding Tarot with Sarah May Low
BUZZ caught up with Malaysia’s No 1 Tarot expert Sarah May Low before the MCO for a fun and enlightening Tarot reading session.

AFO Radio Interview with Joanne Kam Poh Poh

Yesterday Tarot reading on Seriously Kam with Joanne Kam Poh Poh & Sarah May Low. Thank you fans for your questions, here are our 3 picks for reading :

Question no: 1 comes from Sumalee, female age 44 Answer card : The Chariot
Question no: 2 is for Alice, Female, age 36, Answer card : The STAR

Question no: 3 is for : Mohar, age 56 :Answer card : Wheel of fortune

The Smart Local Malaysia AMA Interview

Can you get winning lottery numbers from tarot readings? Sarah May Low, Malaysia’s No. 1 Tarot Card Reader, answers our questions & dispels common myths about her occupation in this interview.
Watch this video to find out how she transformed the 600-year-old practice into a way to help millennials & gen-Zs navigate their lives today.

"What's Up With That?" Jantan Collective Interview

WUWT #12 Introduction to Tarot Card Reading with Sarah May Low

If you are tarot-curious, YOU will love this discussion. This week, Jason Desmond chats with Malaysia’s No 1 Tarot expert, Sarah May Low about what tarot card reading is, and isn’t. They also touch on topics like astrology, religion, feng shui and even, Joey Yap!

Focus Time TV Interview

Understanding Tarot Reading | Focus Life

It’s all in the cards. Well, our team had a chat with Malaysia’s well-known tarot card reader, Sarah May Low to find out more about herself and her profession.

Likely Media 2019 Interview

Letting The Stars Define Your Love Life | Pillow Talk
When it comes to astrology, palm and Tarot reading, everyone is either a believer or a sceptic. Like most of us wants to know about our future or career flow but how about our love life? Will you let tarot cards define your love life? Find out what our Tarot card expert, Sarah May Low gotta say about finding love through tarot cards.

Likely Media 2018 Interview

Find Out What Lies Ahead with Tarot Reader Sarah May Low
The new year is a powerful time to consult your intuition – and Tarot Cards – to integrate the lessons of the year that has passed, and prepare for the year ahead.

Syok.my Interview Part 1

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You By Sarah May Low
Valentine’s Day is coming soon! – whether you like it or not. Ever wonder what your zodiac sign says about you, or your lover? Here’s an exclusive tarot card reading by Sarah May Low for all the zodiac signs!

Syok.my Interview Part 2

Zodiac Signs Compatibility In Relationships By Sarah May Low
Whether you’re in a budding relationship or single and looking to mingle, astrology can be a useful guide when it comes to love.

Syok.my Interview - Everyday Malaysians

Everyday Malaysians: Sarah May Low
#EverydayMalaysians Despite being successful in her career and holding several degrees, Sarah May Low knows that there are certain answers you just can’t find in books. She believes that anyone can better their lives based on their hard work and a little guidance from her tarot reading.

MASDEA.TV Interview

Sarah May Low Tarot Academy X MASDEA TV Interview
My interview with MASDEA TV – I’m currently the Bureau Head of Divination and Psycho-Analysis at MASDEA (Malaysia Professional Skill Development Association) an Association which aims to promote skill development amongst Malaysians and also career opportunities for Malaysians.

The Tao of Self Confidence Podcast Interview

791: Do What Makes You Happy With Sarah May Low
Sarah shares how is able to do what makes her happy and is living her best life. She also shares her tips that can help you in your own journey to self confidence.

CLEO Malaysia Interview

CLEOBUZZ Episode 5 Is About CNY Beauty Trends And Our Fortune For 2020! | CLEOBUZZ | CLEO Malaysia
Watch us get our life read by Malaysia’s #1 Tarot Card reader, Sarah May Low.

#FirstClasseLive highlights - April 2020

Malaysia’s no.1 tarot card reader Sarah May Low took over on Thursday to invite us on a self-reflection journey through her readings. Some lucky viewers also earned complimentary readings on career prospects, finance and relationships.

AFOradio Interview with Tincy Tan

Sarah May Low 讲Astrology配搭,就在《讲罢了》每逢星期二,2点-4点, by Tincy Tan

这一季 “Sarah May Low” 登场了 《讲罢了》

Watch this video to find out how she transformed the 600-year-old practice into a way to help millennials & gen-Zs navigate their lives today.

Tougee TV Interview

【我家客厅 #6】Sarah 为你揭开塔罗牌世界的奥秘

BabyJen/Jenny Ma Youtuber Interview

【超神準塔羅牌占蔔】預測你和心愛的 ”她/他“ 戀愛會成功嗎?!
*影片内剧情(关于宝宝暗恋的人)皆是节目效果~哈哈哈 你的塔罗占卜结果准吗?留言和大家分享一下嘛~

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