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Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a hypnosis-based therapy that aims to recall memories from earlier lives. Past Life Regression may aid individuals with struggles such as phobia or trauma as philosophical findings state that many mental health issues in people may have their roots in terrible former life experiences.

Past-life regression is a technique in which the individual is hypnotized and asked a series of questions to disclose the identity and events of previous past incarnations.

90 Minutes session (Online/In-Person) – USD100/RM420

Session includes:

  • 15 mins background review
  • 60 mins PLR therapy
  • 15 mins post-session review

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(Past Life Regression)


Client from Vietnam

“I am a client from Vietnam. I felt clearer, calmer, and more cheerful after each past life regression therapy session, and I was able to connect the dots of my life events since childhood and make greater sense of my life experience. Thank you very much, Sarah, for your excellent service!”


Client from Pakistan

“I am a client from Pakistan. Sarah assisted me and made me feel safe throughout the Past Life Regression session. She was successful in getting the outcomes I needed to feel better emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Thank you so much for assisting me on my spiritual recovery journey!”


Client from Argentina

“I am a client from Argentina. Sarah has been an excellent mentor and her Past Life Regression sessions were full of spiritual awareness and would help you understand yourself. When it comes to answering questions, she is courteous and accommodating. Thank you very much, Sarah, for such a wonderful experience.”

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Being hypnotized during a Past Life Regression session is not dissimilar to being sleepy or in a daydream. Past Life Regression is simply a method of putting your trance state to work solving your problems.

When you’re in a hypnotic trance, you are completely aware of the words being spoken to you by the therapist. And, should a fire alarm go off – or any other physically threatening situation arises – you will immediately take yourself out of your trance to respond.

Going back in time to a life you experienced before you were born into the one you are living now.

Psychotherapy does not usually focus on a single problem and is about exploring feelings. Psychotherapy does not start with a concept of how many sessions will be required and places no limits on the number of sessions needed. Hypnotherapists tend to work in a limited number of sessions – usually less than half a dozen – unless additional problem issues arise.

However, the techniques of psychotherapy are sometimes used by hypnotherapists who particularly need to go into past personal history issues. Saying that most hypnotherapists are very here-and-now orientated and unlike psychotherapists, don’t generally spend time talking about your childhood. However, this depends on the problem being brought to the therapist.

Yes. Through Zoom or Google Meets. However, it is IMPORTANT to ensure that you are not distracted by noises (cars, renovation work, pets) and you have a comfortable chair to sit on or a sofa/bed to lie on during the session. If your environment does not allow you to be free from distractions, I would highly recommend that you come by Sarah May Low Soul Academy in Bandar Puchong Jaya, Selangor.

Being unable to pinpoint your problem is more common than you may think. Many people know they have issues in their lives causing them distress but can’t figure out exactly what’s going on.

Don’t worry, your therapist can still help. Through a combination of asking you questions and using trance work designed to uncover the specifics of why you’re there, together you can reach a true definition of your problem.

You can help the process along by thinking about the following questions before you go for your first therapy session:

Therapy is not magic. A therapist cannot simply wave the therapy wand and make everything better. You need to put in some effort too and you can make a start by adequately preparing for your session.

Therapy does not cure disease and should never be advertised as doing so. Past Life Regression therapy does help to make changes to the way you think and feel, and the way your body responds in certain situations.

During a therapy session, your therapist may need to communicate with you by asking you questions that require ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.

When giving up an old habit, you must replace it with something else: a new and healthy habit or a suitable strategy for coping effectively without the old habit.

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