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As a Malaysian, I realise how misinformed Malaysians are about mental health issues. Mental Health issues are a stigma especially in Asian societies and many of us lack awareness. I like joking with my friends and followers that I’m #CuteButPsycho but really, mental health issues does not make one “mad”. Panic attacks, anxieties, stress and depression are also forms of mental health related issues apart from ones that at the extreme end of the spectrum like psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.

Personally, I developed Trauma induced anxiety or known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after my father died 2.5 years ago. In terms of trauma, disorders does not necessarily appear right after the “trauma”. Sometimes it appears weeks later, months later or years later!

For me, I had my big breakdown 11 months after my dad passed. I was in Vietnam living in a beautiful luxury studio (Thank you to my former company) but I felt unhappy and one day, I started palpitating, my chest tightened and I was on the phone with my mum back home in Malaysia screaming and crying at the same time! Scary AF I tell you, I’m someone who is damn freaking strong in personality. So for me to actually break emotionally is the SCARIEST feeling of my life!

After that panic attack scare, I decided to be more self-aware and to listen to my body and inner voice. When I feel that tension is building up inside. I tell myself “Sarah, STOP! And Listen!”. The GREAT thing about being a self-aware person is that I know my “triggers” very well. Hence, my first panic/anxiety attack had been my ONLY panic attack *touch wood* ever.

What do I do when I (am about) have panic attacks/anxieties?

  1. Lie Down
  2. Meditate/Parctice Yoga/Take Deep Breathes
  3. Diffuse essential oils
  4. Take a panadol/paracetamol (If I have a heavy pressure in my head)
  5. Give myself an angel oracle card reading
  6. Go for a hike/walk around my housing area
  7. Eat my FAVOURITE food
  8. Write down a list of things that I’m grateful for
  9. Listen to music
  10. Travelling & taking pretty pictures
  11. Watch the Sunset at the beach

If you need more information or help, here are some organizations you can contact:

  • Relate – Dr. Chua’s organization. You can also send an email directly at therapy@relate.com.my
  • The Befrienders (03-7956 8144 / 03-7956 8145) – If you need someone to talk to anonymously.
  • Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (03-7950 2460) – For 24-hour emergencies.
  • MENTARI – The government’s ongoing project to improve reach and awareness.
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