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There was a time where life dealt me some shitty cards. I was in the pit of despair and burning in the flames of hell 🔥🔥🔥 and I crawled back 🆙 I was all alone, drowning in my tears but I crawled through the darkness…what gave me the strength was this tiny voice that kept saying “Sarah May Low, you know you’re bigger than this…!”

I became a talk therapist because when I was in a dark place, the voice inside my head was the thing that kept me going – I was my life coach, counselor, and cheerleader. I told myself that everything is going to be alright, I called myself beautiful, I tell myself that I’ve done a good job and when my heart was breaking I told my heart to “Be Strong”.

We are surrounded by NOISES every day and we get drowned by what people are telling us. The most important voice that you hear is the one that is in your head. Make sure that voice in your head is cheering you, loving you, forgiving you, and most importantly, healing you.

It has been a beautiful journey so far and every single client who sends me positive feedback or a piece of WONDERFUL news that their lives have changed for the better, makes my world beautiful & bright 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you for all your love 💞