new moon, sky, stars

NEW MOON: Time for Wishes to COME TRUE!

NEW MOON: Time for Wishes to COME TRUE!

new moon, sky, stars

What is NEW MOON?

In the Chinese culture, NEW MOON is known as Chor Yatt in the Cantonese dialect (1st day) and though there will be prayers conducted by the Chinese community on a small scale each month, the MOST popular new moon that is celebrated in the year is the 1st day of Chinese New Year (Spring festival) when it is also known as for the Chinese to give away red packets containing money to those who are unmarried (Yay!).

New Moon Ritual

1. Centre yourself & cleanse your space

2. Set your intentions for the month (verbally or on paper)

3. Symbolically send your intentions into the world – bury your wishes, light up a candle, fly a kite written with your wishes, etc

Check out some of my NEW MOON tips, Guided Meditation and Love Oracle down below 🙂

LOVE Oracle Reading

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