Can Tarot 🃏 Tell Pregnancy? Timing? Love? Ruin your Life? Reading your own Tarot Cards?

The questions that I always get in my practice are:

Can tarot cards tell pregnancy?

Tarot readers or practitioners especially the ones who are ethical, usually do not do health or pregnancy readings for several reasons,

  1. WE ARE NOT MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS! Unless the tarot practitioner themselves are QUALIFIED medical doctors, then, of course, they can give you specific medical advice but DO NOT to a spiritual practitioner for medical advice it is ridiculous! And unethical. I do know of certain psychics or witches out there (which I believe are “scammers”) who would tell you that you know they can cure AIDs or cure STDs etc. If this person can TRULY cure AIDs they would win the Nobel prize already. They wouldn’t be a tarot practitioner or an astrologer or a psychic.
  2. Though there may be cards that can tell “possible” pregnancy such as the Empress card and also 3 of cups but usually I would tell clients of a “possible” pregnancy that may be happening in the near future. I would always advise clients at the end of the day still go to see a doctor because I’m not a medical professional – I can’t specifically tell you whether there are issues with your eggs or your husband’s reproductive system, etc. I can tell you that cards show there is that “potential” when (cards) it’s upright and there is “no potential” when (cards) it’s in reverse. I cannot tell you what exactly is the issue – if there is a medical issue – whether it is your health or whether it’s in regards to your fertility best to seek help from a medical expert or a qualified medical doctor and DO NOT seek a witch or a psychic for this kind of questions because most ETHICAL practitioners or readers do not do things like that (do health/pregnancy readings).

Can tarot cards tell timing?

So generally, Tarot is a form of divination and in divination, we can usually look up to 12 months ahead only. However, sometimes certain cards (Pentacles symbolizes years) that can tell beyond 12 months do appear. There are different (tarot) books that show different methods of calculating timing but what works for me and has worked really really well for my clients is that for example:

Wands usually symbolize weeks
Ace of Pentacles symbolizes Fall/Autumn (Sept, Oct, Nov)

Can tarot cards predict love?

Of course! (Love) it can be the top two questions that people always ask (me) when they come to me for readings. Love is the greatest thing on earth and (that I why) I’m literally writing a Ph.D. thesis on it!

The ultimate soulmate card is “the Lovers card” so this card symbolizes soulmate and also represents the Gemini zodiac sign. Usually, people who are going through their “lovers card year” will either meet a soul mate or they will have a lot of suitors or they will do things that they love because the lovers card when it comes to career, also means “doing things that you love” and pursuing your passion.

There are actually many cards that can predict love or symbolize love or give you certain guidance when it comes to love. The other one which I love is also the “Ace of cups”. Ace of cup card shows an abundance of love – overflowing of love or overflowing of happiness and also potential marriage.

Can tarot readers read cards for themselves?

Those of you who are interested in learning tarot or becoming a tarot practitioner yourself probably have had this question cross your mind because it did come across my mind and when I first started learning Tarot – I was interested to do readings for myself of course and later on, read for friends and colleagues.

Traditionally, tarot readers DO NOT read for themselves. A lot of spiritual practitioners, whether it’s Feng Shui or palmistry, or astrology typically do not read for themselves.

I find this to be outdated but at the same time “true” to a certain extent. From a psychological point of view, why usually practitioners do not read for themselves is because of something called the “cognitive bias” For example

“I like this person but I want to know whether this person like me back?”

and If the cards turn out really really bad and one’s would play mind games with themselves – such as “maybe I didn’t shuffle the cards properly” and then repeatedly do another reading and another reading till the reading from the cards turns into your favor.

In the past, most Tarot Readers do not conduct reading for themselves especially the highly emotional ones so that readings do not turn out to be biased. When one is emotional or has a lot of personal problems, it’s hard to like decipher your own cards. Just as long as you can detach from your emotions, you can read for yourself.

Can tarot cards ruin your life?

Many people tend to overthink or maybe watch too many harry potter-like movies or dramas. There are (still) many misconceptions about Tarot Cards but luckily, in the past few years, I have managed to educate and create awareness of this divination art. When I first started 8 years back, many think that tarot is someone something that is very very scary. However, I am going to tell you that

“Tarot cards do not ruin your life, you ruin your own life!”

Going into spirituality had never messed up my life and neither have I made any serious life decision that has ruined my life. People ruin their life based on the choices that they make.

Take everything from an astrologer or tarot reader as guidance. An ethical tarot reader or astrologer will not force opinions onto you or will not force their ideologies or certain mindset onto you because at the end of the day they cannot play god and the power (to improve or change your life) is all in your hands – it’s not in the tarot reader’s hands. So, take everything as guidance ONLY.

Tarot Class with Sarah May Low. These are some common questions when it comes to Tarot and Tarot Cards.

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