Capricorns are represented by the DEVIL card. Why? Read below.
If you’ve been following me on my Social Media accounts, you’ll know that I’ve always liked Capricorns and had once decided that I should marry a Capricorn man. On the outside, Capricorn men have the perfect CV – they are usually really good in their careers, provide financially for their children and family, very calm most of the time and “seem” mentally stable enough to be a good wife/mother/husband/father material type.

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However, after doing more research and also some interviews with people who have dated and worked closely with Capricorns, I started to “see” a different side of Capricorns that most people will NEVER see unless you’re really close to them.

Personally, I’ve got A LOT of good friends who are Capricorns but for the record, I’ve never dated a Capricorn (had a puppy love when I was 14 but broke up with him in 2 weeks because I found him too needy and I’m an asshole #Aquarius) neither have I worked with a manager/boss who are Capricorns (though I had a Capricorn staff).

Anyways, Capricorns may seem “perfect” on the outside but the reason why this Zodiac is represented by the Devil (apart from the fact that the devil has horns like Capricorns) is because at their WORST moments, they can be very TOXIC. According to my friends, Capricorns can be very annoying to work with when they are under a lot of pressure. They also love self-criticizing which result in them being extremely negative. They also really pay importance of how “others” view them which contributes even more to their self-doubt.

Another “bad” traits that I have notice is that A LOT of my Capricorn guy friends are cheating on their partners. Billionaire Jeff Bezos (who cheated on his wife) is a Capricorn.

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