In-person Astrology Birth Chart Analysis (60 Mins)

$110.00 $100.00 60 minutes

An astrology birth chart is the snapshot of the sky on the day and time of your birth. The location of birth is also necessary to create a birth chart. I analyze the birth chart of my clients to look at their strengths, their weaknesses and also to help the client reach their fullest potential in life. The form of Astrology I do is western-style analysis (I do not do Vedic Astrology) and due to ethical reasons, I also do not follow certain astrology principles that closely resembles fortune-telling or to induce fear in my clients. My readings are used as positive guidance to help my clients live their #BestLife

Top Reading Topics: Career, Relationship (Love, Family, Friendship), Migration, Education, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTES (Terms & Conditions)

  1. Anyone over 18 years old can purchase this reading
  2. I do not conduct readings on health/pregnancy, legal or finance matters. Please seek a licensed and qualified professional if you need advice on such topics.
  3. Pricing is in USD $, Malaysia-based clients, please select conversion rates in Ringgit (RM)
  4. Reading is strictly 1-to-1
  5. Reading is by appointment ONLY. I generally DO NOT accept last minute bookings but you can email me at to check if I can slot you in if any client reschedules.
  6. Please inform me 1 day ahead is you would like to cancel or reschedule your reading. Send email to
  7. Hardcopy physical copy of the report will be provided during the session.
  8. This analysis requires the EXACT birth details (date, time, birth location). Please book a Tarot Reading instead if you don’t know your birth time.
  9.  Please book this reading 3 working days in advance. I would need your birth data to create a report.
  10. In-person readings are conducted at Sarah May Low Tarot Academy in Puchong Jaya. For special group bookings, please email Google Maps direction :
    Sarah May Low Tarot Academy
    Impian Height Condominium, Shoplot B-G-5, Block B, Off, Jalan Pipit, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
    Waze direction :
    Use Waze to drive to Sarah May Low Tarot Academy, Off Jalan Pipit, Puchong:


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