⭐ Why Tarot Don’t Make Sense? Where Did Tarot Originate? Is Tarot Related to Astrology? ⭐

Why Tarot Do Not Make Sense?

How come sometimes tarot cards do not make sense and also why I don’t do intuitive readings? As a practitioner based in Malaysia who has done readings for almost eight years already, believe me, there are still times when I’m trying to piece the puzzles together and it doesn’t make sense! But at the end of the reading, even though it didn’t make sense to me it actually made sense to my clients. This is also the exact reason why I do not do intuitive readings. When you do intuitive readings, you are following your “emotions”. I’ve seen many practitioners projecting their negative emotions or projecting their sadness onto the cards which I find is extremely unprofessional. I emphasize memorizing the keywords at my academy because when we read the cards following certain keywords, very unlikely, that you rely on your emotions (especially negative ones). Hence, reading according to keywords is necessary in order not to allow unprofessional things like projecting your feelings onto the cards.

Where does the Tarot originate from?

There are many types of spiritual practices – some come from China, some come from India but for tarot cards specifically, tarot cards originated from Europe. Some say it’s from Spain, some say it originated from Italy, and some say that you know it came from the gypsy culture. The deck of cards that I use which is the Ryder Waite is created by Arthur Waite and illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith. So these cards originated in the UK in the 1800s.

Though the Rider Waite deck is the most popular, tarot cards also come in other designs. There are actually hundreds or thousands of tarot card designs and also angel cards design – from different publishers.

Are Tarot cards related to Astrology? Is Astrology related to Tarot cards?

I may be in the best position to explain this topic because I am both a Tarot Reader and also Astrology. Astrology and also Tarot reading is actually two different forms of perspectives when it comes to spirituality. Tarot is a form of divination, meaning, it only can look up to 12 months (short term) ahead unless there are certain cards that show you the number of years. Astrology is the science of the sky and it can actually look at issues in the longer term. Astrology can also help show a person their highest potential in life, strengths or weaknesses, and if there are certain blockages/hurdles/obstacles. Karma also plays a part in Astrology.

Though they may be very different in perspective I believe that both are complimentary when it comes to helping clients improve their life or helping them reach their goals/ambitions in life.

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